Big boost for heat pumps from the commercial RHI

The announcement this week confirming the increase in tariffs for the non-domestic RHI means there has probably never been a better time to install a heat pump system in a commercial property. Not only will owners reduce their running costs and emissions but they will now also receive significant payments for every unit of heat they produce with a heat pump, guaranteed over a period of 20 years. Most paybacks are now in the region of 5 years with a further 15 years of payments to look forward to resulting in virtually free heating.
The announcement also confirmed the start of the domestic RHI from next March for properties both on and off the gas grid. It will cover all installations since 15th July 2009. Payments will be made for a 7 year period, there will be a green deal assessment required and installations and installers will have to be MCS compliant.

For businesses the new tariffs are applicable today, with an increase for Ground source heat pumps rising to 8.7p for the first 1314 running hours after which it will become 2.6p. Solar thermal installations get a boost to 19.2p per unit and Air source heat pumps will at last be included from next March 2014 at a rate of 2.5p per unit

If you have a project in mind contact us to discuss in more detail how you can benefit from this opportunity.

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Renewable heat incentive expanding the non-domestic scheme