Anoopam Mission Temple

The Anoopam Mission UK started in a small house in Wembley in 1978 but soon outgrew the premises and a large piece of land was purchased near Uxbridge where a new temple has been built to creat a tranquil environment for their followers.

The leaders approached RDC to provide a heating system for the centre that will reduce the carbon emissions from the building and provide a sustainable solution for the future. Anoopam were keen to invest in renewables and also capitalise on the financial incentives currently available through the commercial RHI.

The property was to be heated through a mixture of underfloor heating and air convectors which would be sufficient for the building. However, during festivals the population of the temple was likely to exceed 400 people meaning it would be necessary to allow for the provision of cooling. It was decided that a 75kW ground source heat pump using 12 boreholes of 125m would be suitable to meet the building heating requirement, and RDC developed a clever way of providing both heating and cooling from a ground source heat pump using a BMS to control the system.

During times of heating demand the system would run as normal providing heat both to the underfloor heating and to the air handling units, then during summer months when cooling was required, passive cooling could be provided by simply running the ground loop circulation pumps. During times when controlled cooling was needed the heat pump would extract excess heat from the building which will be reinjected into the borehole loop to recharge the ground helping to achieve ground temperature equilibrium over the year.

The underfloor heating system was covered with a marble floor throughout ensuring that the system would make the large open spaces a comfortable temperature and warm enough for members and visitors who will remove their shoes before entering.