Henley on Thames

The house owner approached RDC to provide a solution for a large private home situated on the banks of the river Thames.

Initial designs involved using the river as the heat source for an open loop system, but it became apparent from a study of the water that the amount of debris being carried in the lower reaches of the river would have caused consistent problems with the ongoing operation and maintenance of the system. Leaves, twigs and heavy silt would have been likely to cause constant clogging of the filters required for an open loop system.

As a result RDC recommended using bore holes as the heat source in the wet water-logged ground adjacent to the river, ideal conditions for efficient transfer of heat and a more reliable heat source than using the river itself on this occasion.

RDC installed 18 bore holes of 150m to supply the heat for 150kW of heat pumps which would provide the majority of the heat load and supply all hot water. The existing gas system was left in place as back-up, should it be required. The existing radiator system in the house was updated where necessary and fully flushed.

The property was maintained to a very high standard with exceptional gardens, ornamental trees and immaculate lawns. All external works had to be carried out carefully to reduce any disruption to the mature plants and trees. RDC worked with the gardeners to ensure that all necessary trenching from the bore holes to the house was carried out as carefully as possible with any grass or turf stored and re-instated in the shorted time possible. Once works were completed the trenches were almost unnoticeable and two months later were no longer visible at all.

the heat pumps and solar thermal systems are both receiving the domestic RHI payments for heat produced over the next 7 years.