Kiplin Hall

Kiplin Hall is an exceptional Grade I listed Jacobean country house which is open to the public in North Yorkshire. The hall has extensive grounds which include a large lake.

The house is only open to the public for half of the year, the income being reliant on visitors mostly during the summer months.

The house still has to be heated through the winter however to ensure that the fabric of the building remains in good condition as do the historic fixtures and fittings. With substantial annual oil bills the Hall’s trustees wanted to make some changes to ensure the sustainability of the property for future generations by reducing the running costs, taking advantage of the non-domestic RHI and reducing carbon emissions.

RDC recommended running a test during the winter of 2013/14 where the existing oil fired boiler was run at a constant flow temperature of 55 degrees, and the humidity and temperature of the rooms was recorded. This demonstrated that a heat pump installation at the Hall would be suitable top provide adequate heating for the building fabric and contents.

RDC designed a system using the lake as the heat source and installed 26 x 100m pipe coils secured to frames.

The trench from the lake to the house was done with minimal disruption to protect the manicured lawns.

The two 50kW heat pumps were installed in a barn adjacent to the house and connected to the original heating system. The original oil fired system is switched off but is available for use should it ever be required, it is not expected to be used.

The installation qualifies for the 20 years of payments from the non-domestic RHI which will repay the capital investment in the project.