Osberton Hall

Osberton Hall is one of the great houses of Nottinghamshire, set in a stunning estate this Grade II listed building is now undergoing a full refurbishment to modernise it and ensure that it will be lived in and used by future generations. Part of the project is to ensure that it will be sustainable in the future, being such a large building it will be increasingly important that the cost of running the house is manageable for those living in it.

The owners approached RDC to provide the solution and after exploring the various options it was decided that with such a magnificent lake in close proximity it made sense to use this as the heat source coupled with a heat pump system.

Heat pump systems in large houses are extremely effective as they provide a consistent comfortable temperature that heats the fabric of the building in the way that they were originally intended when built. Heat pumps are very low maintenance and once installed there is no above ground evidence of the external works.

The project has commenced and the external works are under way preparing the arrays for installation in the lake. The house will have 2 x 130kW heat pumps with a small oil fired boiler to offer back-up in the event that we experience a severe winter, this will only be used if temperatures drop as low as -10 degrees for a prolonged period, so that the heat pumps are unable to maintain a comfortable temperature within the building. The heat pumps will also be providing the heat for an indoor swimming pool.