Riverview House

A stunning property on the banks of the River Wye was in need of complete renovation and the new owners approached The Renewable Design Company to provide a solution for the property that will reduce their running costs and carbon emissions as much as possible.

The renovations allowed the design team to provide the most efficient solution for the property which included a ground source heat pump with solar thermal support for the hot water demand. The house has been insulated to the highest possible standard for an older country property, windows have been double glazed and the floors lifted to allow damp proofing, insulation and an underfloor heating system to be installed throughout.

The heat pump draws its heat from the bore holes on the drive, ideal for the location of the property as the ground is very wet due to the proximity to the river. Once drilled the boreholes can be covered by the drive without affecting the performance.

Three solar thermal panels provide sufficient hot water to cover approximately 80% of the hot water demand over the year, tucked into a valley in the roof and not visible from the ground.

A solar PV system on the garage reduces the amount of electricity required to run the heat pumps and helps to make the property more sustainable. The payments from the Feed In Tariff contribute towards the reduction in running costs, and the heat pumps and solar thermal systems should both be eligible for the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) due to start in Spring 2014.