Vale Farm

The owners of Vale farm bought the property as a series of farm buildings and began the process of developing them all into a stunning stylish property in the Cotswolds.

Once planning had been secured they approached The Renewable Design Company to provide a suitable renewable solution that will provide the heating and hot water in an efficient way.

Having studied the property and its location it was decided to install 3 x 14kW Air source heat pumps to manage the heat load and provide sufficient hot water. The three heat pumps are quieter than a single unit and less obtrusive, all three will only be running at maximum heat load, otherwise only one or two will be running at any one time. This would affect the quiet location less, allow the heat pumps to be positioned away from the house behind a stone wall and keep the size of the system within the requirements of the domestic Renewable Heat incentive (RHI).

A 500L cylinder was installed, prioritised by one heat pump, which was then available to supply the balance of heat to the heating system when required.

An underfloor heating system was installed throughout the property to ensure maximum efficiencies from the heat pumps. The heat pumps are balanced to share the heat load and running hours to ensure that no one unit is being driven harder than the others. The system will provide varying levels of heat to the different zones within the house, allowing temperatures to be reduced in selected areas when not occupied.