Governments lack of action could lead to higher electricity bills

There has been a painful lack of action from the Government to do something before electricity generation in the UK hits an all time low with the closure of power generating sites that are no longer viable.

The question remains, why do they not put more resources into renewable technologies such as solar farms, Anaerobic digestion or wind farms to help fill the looming gap? Why are we still debating nuclear or gas, both of which are significant carbon producers, when the drive is to reduce carbon not increase it. The reality is not that we will be having black-outs as we can cover for this by buying our electricity and gas in, but the cost of electricity for householders will be set to rise dramatically as a result.

More support needs to be given to the Companies that are trying to provide carbon neutral electricity from only renewable sources such as ecotricity. Switch from your existing supplier to give them your support, all money received from you will go to building more turbines and protecting the UK from investing in carbon producing technologies instead of renewables.

Heat pump users are all advised to buy their power from companies such as ecotricity, it enables their installation to become carbon neutral whilst they are reducing their heating bills significantly.

Act now.