There are currently three main financial incentives in to encourage the uptake of renewable heating systems in the UK. Click on the relevant link below for more details:

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)
This is the latest (and most generous) government scheme and is divided in to the non-domestic RHI (also known as phase one) and the domestic RHI (also known as phase two). You can calculate how much you could earn from the scheme at

The Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP)
The RHPP was introduced to provide interim financial support until the government could get its act together on the RHI. It provides one off capital grants towards renewable heating systems in domestic properties. The support is currently available as follows:

  • Air source heat pumps – £1300
  • Ground source heat pumps – £2300
  • Biomass boilers – £2000
  • Solar thermal hot water – £600

The Green Deal
The Green Deal is intended to help us all – homeowners, landlords and tenants – to improve the energy efficiency of our homes: reducing energy use, making homes warmer, and reducing impacts on the environment. And best of all, this will be at no up-front cost to householders. The costs will be met by Green Deal Providers (usually high-street companies) who will then receive repayments from you through your energy bill, subject to a “Golden Rule” that the repayments you make must be smaller than the savings from reduced energy costs.