How to Apply

The steps to apply for the RHI are as follows:

  1. Create an account on the Ofgem website and provide information about your installation online.
  2. Send Ofgem evidence to support your application.
  3. Ofgem will accredit your installation, or reject your application and tell you why.
  4. Once accredited, you must send a report to Ofgem every year to confirm you’re still eligible.

If you can’t apply online, contact us for advice.

You’ll need to show:

  • the installation company details
  • date of installation
  • installation serial number

Each application will be different. Evidence could include:

  • receipts or invoices relating to the installation of the equipment
  • a commissioning certificate
  • a commissioning report
  • a photograph of the installation clearly showing the serial number of the equipment