Oil bills soar as snow falls across UK

Across the UK snow has been falling, slowing down businesses and creating problems for householders. This happens every year and every time it does we are unprepared and look surprised. One of the first things that happens is we turn up our heating in offices and homes, and the oil and gas companies rub their hands in glee. They do not reduce their prices with this sudden upsurge in demand, in fact they often increase them due to the ‘difficulties delivering’ or ‘unexpected fuel price rises’ and it is us that have no choice but to pay. Oil and gas prices never go down, it is an upward only graph year on year.

There is a choice of course, renewable technologies produce heat at a quarter of the price. They are highly efficient and offer an alternative to being at the mercy of the suppliers who take advantage as the first flake falls from the sky. Imagine the feeling when you open the newspapers to read about yet another winter of  fuel price rises, knowing that it no longer affects you.

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