There are more air source heat pumps installed in domestic properties in the UK than any other type. They are less expensive to install than ground and water source heat pump systems and do not require land or water as a heat source. They are versatile and suitable for the mass market, they also attract payments from the domestic RHI for a period of 7 years based on an EPC assessment of the property.

The increased ease of installation has led to thousands of systems being installed nationwide by heating engineers without adequate training. The Energy Savings Trust recently published a study highlighting significant problems with air source heat pump systems which had been installed incorrectly. Accurate and expert air source heat pump system design is imperative.

Efficiency can reduce dramatically if the designer does not have adequate technical knowledge and experience to understand the system in depth. RDC has a great deal of experience in installing these systems and will always provide a proper design for the system.

Air source heat pumps are also ideal for commercial properties, which do not have enough land available for a ground source heat pump systems. They have a lower capital cost than other types of heat pump. The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme also covers air source heat pumps for non-domestic properties. The payments are for 20 years at a rate of 2.64p for every unit of heat produced. In order to get an accurate financial assessment of what an air source system would generate for your property please get in contact and we can provide a projection for you.