The biomass debate rages on…

The debate still rages over biomass and if it is really the solution we are looking for to reduce carbon emissions. The recent article in the Times -(see link below) gives the viewpoint of many. Much of the problem lies with the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive being too generous for biomass resulting in many properties that may well be better served by a heat pump installation, putting a biomass system in to benefit from the very generous payments. read:

The reality is that if the property has plenty of storage space, access to machinery and daily labour available then biomass can be the right solution. Such properties as farms, estates and other country locations are ideal candidates and should genuinely be looking to use biomass, however for properties that do not have such freely available amenities then they should consider what is right for the building, not what will give them the best return on their investment. The RHI has created this problem by being so generous for biomass but less so for other technologies.

Good news is on hand however, the Government has spotted the problem and is making moves to re-dress this imbalance by raising the tariff payments for heat pumps. Perhaps this will mean that property owners can look at the right technology for their property again without thinking that only biomass is right for them. When we are importing up to 50% of our wood requirement from abroad with the associated shipping and road transport emissions and costs, it will be questionable if the use of biomass is helping us to reduce our carbon emissions at all.

For a correct assessment of what is right for you, and how the financial returns can be as good using a heat pump as they can be for biomass, contact us directly.